The communication of tomorrow is a cooperative hub
that innovates the way people communicate.
Selling, promoting, organizing
and taking decisions becomes simple and efficient.

So how will it work?

Your every activity, purpose or interaction produces information, we reunite and structure them in interactive CAPSULES to simplify your job and your everyday life.

What does it mean?

Think about Netflix, yet instead of movies or TV series, you will gain access to optimized templates managing information, communication and shopping.

Information overload

A shared problem

The first e-mail was sent in 1971, today over 769 BILLIONS are exchanged on a daily basis, and we are not including all the notifications from the different apps.

We were so hungry for information that we didn’t realize we are currently getting choked by it. The result? An insane amount of sites, social media, mail, files and messages totally scattered. Too many to handle, therefore too much confusion.

We decided to find a solution.

What we are building

Enter in, an organism that goes beyond the simple concept of chat, task manager or marketplace.

We want to give communication the value it deserves, because we realized that a proper and efficient job is often based on the quality and structure of our interactions.

Communication means responsible participation, to access the competences and experiences of connected actors to give a family the chance to organize a perfect holiday and a firm to compete and cooperate in order to grow. is an invitation to evolution to be ready for the society of tomorrow.

“ The essence of Society 5.0 is that it will become possible to elicit quickly the most suitable solution that meets the needs of each individual. ”

Shinzo Abe,

Prime Minister of Japan

Twipping has lots of ways to lead you towards innovation!
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Are you planning a business?
Or perhaps a Startup?
Are you looking for the easiest, most efficient and sustainable way to launch it online?


Do you identify any problem in terms of data managing and communication in the field (private or corporate) you operate?
Do you constantly have to fight against disorganization or confusing programs?


Why is this important to you?