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I'm Mauro Salvadori, I've been working in the world of technology and marketing for over 30 years. I've been constantly trying to understand the world around us.
The Internet has transformed our world, for better or for worse, and the future will depend on the choices we make every day, which are guided mainly by the information and advertising we absorb daily.
In recent years, the neuro-economics has made it possible to better understand how the human brain works; particularly the unconscious (the autopilot), creating various techniques of persuasion that at times exceed the ethical limit. The use of these techniques by large companies (thanks to huge investments), has led to an inequity of the trading power, putting the consumer in strain therefore

unable to fully control their purchasing choices. On the other hand, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) do not have suitable tools to compete against large ones.
I have met many business owners, that had to fight back a system that instead of facilitating, it had hold back their opportunities.
Nowadays, every small company is confronted with giants, that put enormous resources into the field and therefore the skill and the passion that SMEs invest to create an excellent product or service are not sufficient.
The experience gained over many years, makes me feel compelled to contribute in improving our world that one day I will hand it over to my two daughters.

Our Mission

Our Values

How to

The key to achieving all this, is in the collaboration and in the synergy between individuals, now possible with Twipping, a modular and scalable project started two years ago, which consists of

A web platform that allows you to organise content (e.g. of producers, suppliers, marketer, consumers, IoT objects, ...) related to various topics (activities, products, services, ...) conveying them, as an elegant flow, to the right user based to its characteristics and its needs

An interactive network of next-generation Market Places, that is fundamental for making companies and their products and services known

1. allow the calculation of rewards for all subscribers, based on the advantages they bring to the portal
2. the selection of information to be delivered to the user according to his interests and according to the moderators subscribed (people the user consider experts in the field)

Full of Benefits

Twipping offers the consumer an environment where they can be informed to make sustainable purchases of quality products and services in peace with the help of people who, through passion or work, have acquired fundamental experiences for a correct evaluation

Twipping offers companies not only a tool to develop their presence on the internet but also a way to interact with customers whether they are private (B2C) or companies (B2B). An excellent tool is not enough to bring a business to success, but it is also necessary for the company to innovate and for this reason Twipping will stimulate this innovation thanks to a personalised path and a network of expert partners in various fields (marketing, IT, security etc ...) for training, assistance, promotion and much more

Full of Innovations

There are many technologies already used or that will be in the future and here we list some with the promise to implement as soon as possible:

of Thing
of moderators
... and more

Act now!

We are grateful to the many people who support us and share the project. As the change happens it is imperative that more people can have the opportunity to join Twipping and if you also want to take matters in to your own hands we will be more than happy to get you on board, share opinions and perhaps collaborate. Twipping is first and foremost a network of people and companies.

There are many areas that will need the support of Twipping, but we believe that the agri-food sector can benefit most and therefore it will be our leading sector. In parallel, we will also continue to promote and implement Twipping in other SMEs sectors.


Many ask us how they can contribute to the project and assist in the acceleration of its development, so we have created a simple system of diversified investment options in Twipping.

Contact us, and we will provide all the necessary information

Full of passion




Twipping idea development


Initial investment of € 150,000

1 quarter

Start of prototype development

2 - 3 quarter

Creation of a content management system

4 quarter

Interface development


Another € 200,000 investment

1 quarter

First implementations

2 quarter

Creation of TwipCoin cryptocurrency

3 quarter

Activation of the market place agri-food

4 quarter

Implementation of machine learning


1 - 2 quarter

Blockchain generation as a database

3 quarter

Market place activation other sectors

4 quarter

Connection to the IoT world


... the challenge continues ...

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