Innovate your company
with Twipping!

Twipping is an integrated platform for communication, a place to share information for more efficient management and for increasing the visibility of your products and services

Our smart solution

We have dedicated these last few years to design an
economic system that would allow on the one hand
enterprises to be competitive, on the other hand it will empower consumers with greater control over what information they receive.

This system is based on Twipping, a revolution
in the way we communicate, particularly thanks to
its 'Communication flow'. This is a powerful tool that allows you to organize information generated from multiple sources according to its purpose.

This communication will be effective, if it becomes a shared, agile experience with the right mixture of marketing ingredients; and that's how Twipping will make your business more competitive.

Do you have a smart company?

Immediate Benefits

Make a name for yourself

promoting your products and services, strengthening your brand's authority and trust with an elegant information flow suitable to any customer's needs and preferences.

Bolster your sales

through digital agents working non-stop for you 24 hours a day that will guide your customers to purchase.

Be professional

use our communication 'helpers' who will assist you and your employees in generating effective content and in avoiding the most common marketing pitfalls.

Simplify your job

easily managing both internal and external company communications. Twipping offers connectors to standardize and automate data flows to and from the company, across multiple communication channels.

Be stronger

sharing your business proposals with your selected partners, to compete in foreign markets.

Race ahead

of competitors reacting promptly to market changes with agile communication.

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